Not having enough storage space at a workstation can sometimes be an issue and first solution that comes to mind is enlarging the worktop. This is, however, not the best way forward and here’s why a bigger workbench is not the answer. Using the top of the bench for storage means reducing the actual work space, thus productivity and time efficiency. Imagine having your desk cluttered with paper, documents, days old tea cups and 5 million post-it notes. How productive do you think you’ll be at such a desk? Not very. Same happens with a workbench. Enlarging the worktop would also mean using more floor space to accommodate for it. In the current day and age space is valuable and should be used efficiently. Here’s how you can increase the storage space with minimum floor print.

1. Add Drawers and Cabinets

workbench with drawers Using drawers is the easiest way to add storage space to a workbench. Mounted underneath the worktop and out of the way of the job, they are still within reach of the worker. Key parts like bolts, bearings and wires can be stored in labelled drawers in quantities large enough to finish the job without having to restock.

2. Mix and Match Peg Boards

workbench peg boards Using the back of the workbench is another way to increase the storage space. Mix and match different bins, hooks and other accessories. Remember to only store the tools you need, and no more. Anything that is not needed for the job can contribute to wasted space.

3. Use Overhead Storage

workbench overhead storage

If the worker is standing, it is likely that they can reach upwards without stretching unnecessarily. Overhead bins and shelves allow the materials to be kept away from the workspace until they are needed.

If you want to declutter your life, start with your home. Same applies to work – if you want it to be more productive, make sure your workspace is neat and tidy and is suitable for the application. To get more information, please fill in your email below and we’ll do our best to help!