Optimising existing floor space and storage capacity of a warehouse has a tremendous effect on its profitability. The following options are the most cost-effective ways to maximise warehouse space.

1. Increase the Space of Your Warehouse with a Mezzanine Floor

Start by considering how much headroom you’ve got available. Five metres should be enough to install a mezzanine floor. Depending on the size it adds 30 to 50% to the current storage capacity of the warehouse. Prices range from £80 – £130 per square meter, much cheaper than moving to a bigger space.

Building permits are generally not required for mezzanine floors but make sure to check with a professional. The whole construction stage can be completed within a couple of days depending on the size, with minimum disruption to work.

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2. Make Use of Vertical Space with Higher Racking

Another way to efficiently use the available headroom and maximise warehouse space is installing higher racking with extra levels of storage. Mezzanine floors in comparison can be used for a variety of purposes ranging from additional storage to offices. It goes without saying that considering the purpose and return on investment is the first step in this process.

The main limitation of higher racking however is the ability of forklifts to reach that high in the air. Standard machinery can normally do 10 to 15 feet, and anything beyond that would be more expensive.

3. Maximise Warehouse Space by Reducing The Aisle Width

The aisles should be just wide enough for forklifts to move around, without wasting valuable floor space. Multi-directional trucks are often used by companies to minimise aisle width and improve safety. They are normally more compact than standard forklifts and provide a significant improvement to manoeuvrability. Same applies to 4-directional stackers, the ability to turn the tiller left or right allows the operator to stand on the side and have full visibility of the load at all times.

Featured image: © Marcin Wichary (Flickr)