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Every month we feature articles and stories that we gather up during the course of our journalism and run the interesting ones on both social media and here, on our website. We will also accept a certain amount of advertising, although space is limited. To get involved please email us using the tab above.

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We have special journalists - engineers, who can come to your site and write specific articles about your plant, innovations and business progress. These are exclusive features and we only do one a month. To book such an event please get in touch via email provided above.

Features List 2019

January: What now?  Brexit?

Trading relationships are not just formed at higher levels, they filter down to smaller businesses, which then need to find new boundaries and opportunities. Is there enough time to sort it all before Brexit is finalised?

February: Import & Export Business Opportunities

Following Brexit we would be needing to sort import and export opportunities, ow we realign ourselves in the material handling industry, where the opportunities lie, what it means in terms of manufacturing, who winners and losers are.

March: Trading with America

This is last month before Trump’s deal. If we are not in the EU there’s no agreement with America, so what do we do?

April: Industry Events to Look Forward to

We cover exhibitions in construction, handling, warehousing and manufacturing industries. This month we look at Automatica (AI), June 2020 in Germany.

May: Sowing Seeds

This is a busy time of the year for the farming industry. What equipment is used there? Who makes it?

June: Summer Fruits

What equipment is used to grow fruits? Types and kinds.

July: Holiday Hell or Heaven

Things involved in travel, building airports, runways, baggage handling and luggage making.

August: The Great Outdoors

What do you do outdoors on holiday? Cycling, diving, canoeing, etc. How is all that manufactured and what equipment is used.

September: Media and Brexit

How the economy and media are interlinked.

October: Beer – Octoberfest!

Material handling playing a role in wine and beer making, processing, distributing.

November: Making Fireworks 

High explosives, munitions, defence - how it is all manufactured, what equipment is used to get it, what regulations cover it.

December: Santa’s Warehouse

What have we got inside a warehouse? Logistics, efficiency, productivity, what’s involved in day-to-day work process.

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