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3 Ways Shipping Containers are Used Differently This Christmas

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Most of the things you own have at some point been in a container, in transit from one land to another. However, recent trends have shown that shipping containers are becoming increasingly popular in fields you may not expect at all. We have all seen the shipping container houses, pop up shops etc, but find out below how shipping containers are …

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Wine Making Meets Material Handling

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When thinking about the process of wine making most people would jump straight to the beginning. Growing grapes, pressing juice, fermentation, ageing in barrels and then bottle. However, many don’t consider the process that comes after that. In 2016, the UK imported 24.5 million nine-litre cases from Australia alone. We import most wine from them and we are also their …

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Are You Ready for Winter? Warehousing and Construction Guide to Get Through the Cold

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Many businesses choose to take breaks over the winter months, but warehousing gets the busiest around Christmas. Construction industry has also got to carry on. Battling harsh weather conditions, come rain, hail or snow the show must go on. Although this is to be admired, it does mean that potential risks of cold stress illnesses are increased, and operations in the …