Considering second-hand products is completely normal in every aspect of the business but there are hidden tricks you might not be aware of. After doing a quick search online you will find many retailers and advertisers offering used racking. You may expect that if you decide to go ahead with this, rather than investing in bespoke and new equipment, you will save time and money. And although this is often true, such a decision isn’t completely risk-free and must be carefully considered.

Why Used Racking is an Option to Consider

1. Economical Advantages

Buying used racking is a cost-effective solution. Whether you are just starting your business or expanding, you definitely want to avoid unnecessary costs. You’ll need to invest in a lot of other things, so why not save whenever possible? This is advantageous for several reasons. You might not exactly know where you’re headed, how the business will expand in the future or if you’ll be forced to sell or close in the worst case scenario.

2. Easy Adaptation

Adding extra supporting elements to the existing racking can work just as well and efficient as brand-new units. With expert advice and specialist teams, you don’t have to change your existing racking. You can simply adapt it to suit your needs, such as when you expand or slightly change the character of stored goods. It is sometimes possible to reuse damaged parts of racking as smaller racking. You can also review whether you should replace or repair damaged racking.

3. Eco-friendly Solution

Consider pre-owned racking for the benefit of the environment. Each of us should take environmental responsibility very seriously. We all affect the planet in some ways and ought to take steps to reduce the negative impact, especially in business and work environments. Reusing resources such as racking is a great way to keep the environmental footprint of your company low.

However, if you decide to buy new racking, go through this checklist first.

Potential Risks of Used Racking

1. Not as Seen Online

Refurbished racking which was painted for the second time is a rather risky choice. Paint can cover faults and damages such as rust. Rather than hiding problems, you definitely want to see what is wrong in order to take actions and prevent any safety issues.

2. The Unexpected

There is always a risk that used racking will turn out not the way you expect it to be. There is no agreed system on grading racking. One seller can describe same conditions as one grade and another as something different. Even though online adverts have images, they don’t allow for close and detailed inspection of racking conditions. If you buy an item that you can’t preview, you can never be certain what it turns out to be.

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3. Compromised Security

Warranty isn’t always available on used racking. Sometimes you have to trust a seller and take their word that racking is in good condition. This doesn’t help if you want a long-term investment because there is always some level of uncertainty about how long a piece of equipment will serve you. To avoid problems that you can easily prevent, ask for manufacturer’s documentation and notices on loadings and only buy from trusted companies and retailers.

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What to do if You Definitely Want Second-hand Racking?

The safest option is to purchase used racking from those who would check it for you first. Likewise, only hire professional and experienced teams to carry out the installation. Avoid mixing elements from different manufacturers. Components are made to be used together, for certain applications and loads. They often differ in materials used, mountings as well as colours, which often matters for forklift operators and safety of their work. Last but not least, always choose quality over price! Cheap racking should alert you and make you question equipment’s quality. This way you minimise the risk of your business experiencing unforeseen problems that can threaten the efficiency and safety of staff as well as products stored. Try and view the racking in person before buying, and make sure you trust the company that it is coming from. Ask them why they are replacing it as well! Do all this, and you might just get a great deal on some racking for your company.

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