We visited Combi’s new factory in Monaghan, Ireland last week and were hugely impressed by the state of art manufacturing facilities (see photo above). Here is our take on the Combilift phenomenon.

Richard Bruton, Minister of Education and Skills, meets team Combi

Richard Bruton, Minister of Education and Skills, meets team Combi

Why they are so successful

Two people had a great idea based on detailed industry knowledge. The idea was to become experts in omni-directional handling equipment, to stay debt free and set new standards in construction and building programmes. 

What they had to do to become successful

Create a vision of equipment that would handle unconventional loads outside of normal pallet handling in both on and off road surfaces catering for all working load types. 

What technology helped them

Metal fabrication, Hydraulics, Electronics and AC technology.

How we all benefit

  1. Employment and safer jobs upwards of 40,000 drivers operating Combilift equipment in nearly half of all the world’s countries today. 
  2. Good customer experience by well joined-up business systems ensuring on time supply for spares and new products. 
  3. Workforce security companies who continually innovate and follow their visions perform better than those who don’t. They have stronger, happier, more protective and caring workforce teams who feel responsible, needed and part of the business. 7% of the revenue generated from Combilift global sales goes straight back into research and development. 
  4. Combilift care about their legacy, they keep their carbon footprint as small as possible, but still have state of the art investments in metal preparations, their own standards of paint finish and metal preparations, which are industry benchmarks. 
  5.  They have worked on training standards (ABA) and with the International Standards Office to set new standards and classifications in the safe production of their product range. 
  6. Combilift engage with the unusual and the bespoke, they see it as essential to innovation and problem solving, it’s what they do. 
  7. Choosing like-minded suppliers with the requisite skills and technology builds strong bonds and relationships.

What Combilift Actually Make  

Every Combi product is licensed and classified

CombiLift construct in eight major plant groups and five main categories of floor/ground-based handing equipment.  These include but are not limited to: 

  1. Pedestrian controlled power operated lift, travel and stacking equipment with specialist handling capabilities for ultra heavy loads. These devices have 4-directional and reach features, screen safety visuals and safe operating anti crush systems, which are game changers for operators and employers who don’t like their storage systems clouted with their products and machinery. 
  2. Side-Loaders which continually provide top performance to a variety of industries including glazing, steel and timber. 
  3. Container Handlers and Mobile 4-directional Gantry Cranes, ground-based and with all terrain capabilities.
  4. Rough Terrain Trucks 
  5. Pivot Trucks 

Each of these lines are confined within eight classifications for training purposes and cover 11 types of machinery.  Even stackers now require operator licences. Combilift has a complete set of training programmes for all their machines.  

What makes these products so successful  

  • The power packs
  • The drive systems
  • Capability 
  • Durability 
  • Innovation 

Power packs are not as big as you might imagine

Drive System











Written by the Material Handling Hub correspondent Paul Casebourne