Mezzanine floors are a popular occurrence in the industry but they are much more than a way to increase floor space. Some of the earliest uses go back to French architecture, for instance, Palace of Versailles. Intermediate floors first became popular in France and were later adopted all across Europe. Considering them for industrial uses however brings up extra safety measures. Barriers, gates and personal protective equipment are highly recommended to minimise or eliminate the risks associated.

Mezzanine floors are often raised several metres above the ground. This provides substantial room for storage but also increases safety risks. Most successful businesses we’ve come across put in place necessary safety procedures and add extra measures to ensure low incident risk. Feeling safe and secure at work has a direct correlation with high productivity and efficiency levels.

Use Safety Barriers and Mezzanine Netting

The obvious risk is objects falling from a mezzanine floor, and as such comes with some easy solutions. Metal safety barriers should be installed all around the floor and the staircase for better safety of all employees. If there is a risk of items falling between the handrails, you will benefit from safety netting. The latter can be installed easily and quickly and doesn’t disrupt the work process.

Mezzanine Lifts Help with Heavy Goods

What sort of objects are you storing on the mezzanine floor? Standard mezzanine lifts have capacities of 250kgs, 500kgs or a 1000kgs. This is normally a safer option for transporting goods up and down. Another option is using a forklift and a tilting safety barrier, see image below. This might seem as an easier and cheaper solution but add the cost of an expensive machine and the driver who could be used elsewhere and a mezzanine lift will turn out to be a much more cost-effective investment.

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Featured image: © Dave R. (Flickr)