Keeping operational costs of a warehouse down is the prime concern of almost any business in the industry. A huge part of it is due to energy rates, especially in refrigerated warehouses and areas with specific temperature levels. The best solution to facilitate energy saving in a warehouse is to install proper doors to suit the purpose. These top three options are best advised by engineers.

High Speed Folding Doors

One of the rather popular industrial doors options is to install high speed folding doors. Taking around 2 seconds to open or close, they minimise energy losses and facilitate the ease of driving in and out of the warehouse.

Insulated Doors

Another way to maximise energy savings through the proper use of doors is insulation. Such doors contain multiple insulated panels, therefore having excellent thermal properties. This works both ways; not letting heat escape to the outside and preventing heat from entering if low temperatures need to be maintained.

Air Curtain

One of the more innovative solutions to maximise energy savings in a warehouse is the air curtain. This system creates a ‘virtual door’, which recirculates ambient air across an opening to create a 90% effective seal. This seal stops transfer of heat in or out of the door and therefore saves energy. Additionally it minimises the transfer of dust, humidity, odour, etc. If an air curtain is fitted in place of a door which often opens and closes, energy costs can be reduced by as much as 30%. Add to that an additional benefit of time saved  having to constantly open the door, and increased visibility and safety.

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