With winter being just round the corner, it’s time to get everything sorted for the upcoming cold. Snow and subzero temperatures may hit us unexpectedly as last year so it is always best to be safe than sorry. To add to the mix winter being a very busy season for many we’ve got ourselves a tricky business of getting the warehouse ready for winter.

Is Your Warehouse Ready for Winter?

Let’s tick off the points below.

1. Equipment Maintenance

Snow and ice can have a very serious impact on performance of your equipment, especially forklifts. An obvious aspect to consider here is checking truck tyres for traction and stability, but inspecting hydraulic systems is equally vital. For example, hoses can become loose overtime and need regular checking and tightening-up to sustain increased pressure in colder months. Inspections shouldn’t last too long but will prevent serious problems. If something isn’t right, finding about that early leaves time for repair or replacement. Always make sure there is someone who can provide service in case of unexpected machine failure. Some companies have 24-hour support. This will prevent any delays in processing orders, especially around Christmas time.

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2. Electricity and Heating

Another important step in getting your warehouse ready for winter is concerned with electricity. Power outage will never work in your favour, especially in this busy season. So make sure you back up your data in a secure way. Backup generators are a good investment if you can afford them.

Roofs must always be checked for snow. Make your employees aware and alert about it. Roof insulation is very important and surface can be coated to sustain heavier snow and ice.

Check your heating systems as you are very likely to use them on a daily basis and for long hours. Not only do lower temperatures have a negative impact on the equipment performance but also on the staff. And as obvious as it sounds, ensure that your employees are dressed properly, with extra protection for those working outdoors and near the gates. Inefficient insulation and leaky windows and gates lead to water ingress. This in turn can freeze and cause bursting. Check all your entrances for possible leakage to avoid it.

3. Staff Needs and Tasks

First step regarding this matter is knowing what your staffing needs are. Holiday season is particularly busy and means more people are taking days off. Make sure you have enough reliable people on site. You could also consider employing temporary workers. Automation of certain processes in your warehouse is also an idea worth considering.

It’s not only the number of people that matters, but also them knowing their responsibilities and special tasks. Make sure they understand everything and report any issues and damage immediately. Not only will this reduce costs and save time, but also prevent accidents. Keep your employees injury-free by avoiding slippery surfaces. Invest in snow ploughs and salt and grit bins. Ensure they are always full and ready for usage!

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