The role of a warehouse manager encompasses a varied set of skills and challenges. Every day the warehouse manager role requires organisation, efficiency, leadership and commitment, with safety and productivity as the ultimate goals. The individual in this position has a lot to think about and it’s only human to make mistakes. Here are a few great but simple ways to help you up your game in the industry.

1. Invest in the Right Training

Not all training will improve the skills of your staff and increase productivity. To ensure the training you choose does help the quality of work you must pick carefully. You can look at competitor businesses and keep up with trends. Obviously, the training must meet the demands of a warehouse and specifically address the common issues found onsite. If investment is made into the wrong training you may not see any improvement in the business or the workforce.

2. Do not Forget About Your Own Training and Development

Your team can only be as strong as its leader. The leader must not only act with the best interests of the business and staff in mind, but seek self-improvement too. Continued development is a crucial part of business growth and you must focus on yourself as well as your staff training scheme. With a busy schedule and lots to plan for others, it is easy to forget about yourself. You should provide access for your own ongoing development in your industry sector.

3. Recognise Achievements

You should understand those working in logistics are responsible for keeping the country moving, day and night. These are your staff, and you should give them the praise and recognition they deserve. Once you have provided the training you should highlight the improvements they have made to themselves and the business. The interaction between training and reward gives staff a boost which leads to higher morale and productivity. Try nominating people for awards where fit, and see your company loyalty improve immediately.

4. Provide Feedback

Feedback works best when it is delivered quickly. A concept you should be familiar with in the industry. If your staff is making mistakes, or could easily improve in certain areas, it is in your interest to tell them. Telling them straight away makes them aware of the problem, giving them more time to address the issue. Don’t just wait until your staff performance review to give feedback.

5. Don’t Be Too Friendly

It is important to be nice to your staff and give them the respect they deserve. It is important however to not let relationships get in the way of doing your job properly. As a warehouse manager you have responsibilities to organise staff and sometimes this means making tough decisions. Some staff will try and appeal to your better nature and exploit your relationship when you may need to act objectively. Getting the balance just right is hard, but the rewards make it well worth thinking about.

Tell us, what are you tips for becoming a better manager?