With CO2 on the rise, Do We Have What it takes to Reverse the Trend ?

Hugh Callender was an engineer.  Apart from being a keen biker, he also worked on submarine ‘search and destroy’ techniques in WW1.  His son (Guy) not surprisingly also became an engineer and was credited with accurately predicting the effects of CO2 and global warming, although then (in the 30’s) it was considered a good thing, along with smoking.

Hugh Callender knew 101 years ago that we were going to be facing a crisis in 2021 and 67 years before that John Tyndall, who among other things studied glaciers, already understood the greenhouse effect of gases in the atmosphere and wrote extensively about it. Back then the temperature was 2.28 degrees C less than the lid we are attempting to put back on the climate in the Paris Accord. No wonder Boris is saying time to get your wallets out.

We are about three quarters of a degree over 1850 levels and 133 ppm above 1850 levels at 419 ppm, CO2 levels. That is over 40bn tonnes a year which means we would need 10m Icelandic machines to remove it. A tree over one year can take out  20 kg., that’s 50 trees per tonne so approximately a billion trees are required just to take that out. We cut down 15bn a year, so that maths isn’t difficult is it ?

There is already enough material lying around the planet to make everything we need so we could technically manage without 15bn trees a year being cut down for a few years.

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