…And surprisingly it is climate. Stock can get affected if the humidity level isn’t right, employees get tired and lose productivity if the temperature is too hot. And so climate control comes into play. Storage of different products requires different temperature, humidity and light levels. People, too, need a comfortable space to work in. Here are the things you need to consider when it comes to climate control.

Make Sure Climate Control is Adequate for the Stock

Stock needs to be protected from excess moisture or heat, as it can get easily compromised if the conditions aren’t right. Temperature too high or too low can melt or solidify stock, and not the right humidity level can dry out natural products, cause mould or effect the performance of electrical goods. Nominal conditions for your warehouse should be around 20° C and 55% humidity for the optimal preservation of most products. All products are however different and you should know how to store any speciality goods, and what conditions they require.

How to Keep Stock in Good Condition

  • Use dehumidifiers to control the humidity of the atmosphere.
  • Control temperature using air conditioning units, and circulate air to keep it the same on the floor level and at the ceiling.
  • Remember to check the requirements of any special products such as artwork, electrical goods, and food and drink.
  • Install the right type of doors to preserve the climate conditions inside the warehouse. High speed folding doors are typically the go-to for docks.
  • Use loading bays to insure outside air doesn’t come through.
  • Depending on the climate zone and region, make sure the warehouse is ready for a change of season, and can successfully handle winter cold and summer heat.
  • It might be wise to re-arrange the products stored in your warehouse – the closer to the centre the warmer it gets.

Employees Need the Right Temperature too

Unlike stock, people tend to be more resilient to changes in humidity. Instead it is important to focus on controlling temperature to keep employees comfortable at work. Temperatures in office spaces and warehouses should be different due to the nature of work completed in each area. Generally, working in a warehouse is more active so a slightly lower temperature might be better, considering the change in summer/winter seasons. Ensure the warehouse is well insulated to help regulate the temperature as the seasons change. Install plenty of ceiling fans to circulate the air and maintain a constant temperature.