At the Hub we are always interested in what makes companies so successful in their performance and growth. Combi have just opened a brand-new factory so naturally we looked at that first. Long before I set foot in it there was a buzz in Monaghan about this new factory. In fact I have never turned up in a town before where they had a congratulatory sign at the town limits recognising the achievements of a company.  Over the week there were over 5,000 visitors at the factory opening, nearly 70% locals, who queued to see what the new Combi plant looked like. Team Combi has become a legend and the locals know it! So without any further ado here are top 4 things that make Combi trucks stand out.

The power packs  

Either electric or IC engines are used to drive the hydraulic operating system.  With a Combilift this is a system, not just a facility. Multi-tasking is something the engineers are good at and they know that for a fist full of dollars you can design a good machine, but for a few dollars more it’s a short step to an exceptional result. This means the whole build programme across the entire range has been specified to buy big and build small, big on savings and small on costs.  With exceptional range performance, these machines simply ooze engineering from the second you place yourself in the driving seat. From the smallest horsepower to the largest, they barely need more than 145 to move 15 to 45 tonnes. Lifting  speeds around the 1mps mark have been unofficially timed, all with variable speed control and ultimate safe, smooth operation.

Power packs

The drive systems 

Electric DC motors with hydraulic assistance are CAN-BUS monitored and can move in a 360-degree range.

Drive System


Ten minutes in the Combi fabrication shop will tell you just how much engineering is packed into these machines. It’s a welder’s paradise with 60 customised welding bays, each with precision engineered jigs to ensure chassis construction fits the build line pitch perfectly every time. 

combi welding bay

The chassis are then shot-blasted to the unique Combi standards to provide the perfect base through three automated shot-blast plants to achieve the Combi metal finishing process with 70% reduction in volatile organic compounds in the paint finishes. What this means to us, northerners from Newcastle, is that a Combi machine is likely to outlive the U.K’s Guardian Angel of The North, long after it is a just a pile of rust! 


Combi rarely turn down challenges, every year they re-invest 7% of revenue into improved production, equipment and machines. It means that over £14m Euros is ploughed back into the innovative industry development. Now everyone, especially customers, can be proud to support and be confident that what they paid for their Combilift equipment is going to keep them out in front of their game by choosing well-engineered high performance solutions. 

Here’s an example of one of the incredible 4-directional stackers Combi developed and built. Moving handle to the left or right allows the operator to stand beside the stacker and have full visibility of the load at all times. Get in touch for a quote!


Written by the Material Handling Hub correspondent Paul Casebourne