The hard-hitting facts of global warming are chilling consumer confidence big time.

With nothing in its place, once again UK politicians are running riot in our industry with no plans in place for the thousands of jobs in jeopardy.

We have seen it with coal, steel, shipping and now the automotive industry, the one good outcome of the Thatcher years.

Here in the ‘Hub’ of Industry we feel it first and the IC engine, one of the power houses of our world, has been politically destroyed and nobody is asking the engineers. The media seems to only be making the news.

Given the chance free power is out there we need the will and time to adjust in an orderly way to save jobs and create a sustainable future.

Given the challenge that faces us, engineers are easily up to the task. Let’s stop asking the media and the politicians and let’s take back real control by using the people who know how to fix this!