You might not necessarily associate safety barriers with being organised, productive and confident but we promise you they can up your work game in no time, and here is how:

  1. What safety barriers do to protect your investments

Companies that fit good quality safety barriers have noticeably less incidents than those who don’t. Machinery and warehouse infrastructure lasts considerably longer and the safety is significantly higher. Stock damage is reduced and maintenance bills drop. There is a choice of materials to work with and a new generation of plastic barriers is cutting damage to both property and mobile machinery, such as forklifts. This latter improvement has a large pay-off in both plant downtime and closures for repairs.

  1. Why barriers improve visibility

The most “looked out for” colours are yellow, orange and white, with red up there in the hazard areas but backgrounds are also important to ensure colour-coding stands out. They are designed to provide subconscious recognition. Used to denote traffic critical point within the workspace, their deployment includes increased visibility splays, prioritising rights of way and de-marking no-go areas. The overall effect on traffic flow, machinery management and safe working zones is dramatic, leaving machinery and people to work in safer harmony, well-marshalled and laid out plan. It works particularly well in safe working progress.

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  1. How safety barriers put procedures in place

The mere consideration of positioning, confining, excluding, protecting or directing indicates a thought process behind the directive. The implication and phycological effect on the people in the environment is profound. The physical presence of a barrier is in itself a procedure. It says ‘keep out’, ‘keep in’, ‘don’t stop’, ‘don’t park here’. In fact, a whole range of subconscious engagement is physically proceduralised by well-organised safe working space.

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