Between stress and injury the UK writes off over 16 million working days per year. Add to this the loss of productivity through poorly set out workspace and doing your job becomes extra tricky and stressful. Well, not anymore! Just as with popular ‘One size fits all’ hot desks the new ‘one fit sizes all’ height adjustable workbenches provide 3 critical workspace essentials.

1. Infinite Adjustability

It is incredibly important for workers with long hours to minimise the amount of stress they put on their bodies. Using height adjustable workbenches is the only way to make sure a workbench fits the user. It reduces the fatigue of the worker and eliminates the need for standing or sitting in awkward positions. Height adjustability thus needs to be fast, simple and reliable.

2. Worktop Choices

The worktop must be correct for the process. If you are sorting ball bearings you need them to stay where you put them and not roll off the bench. Most quality systems should have at least laminate, beech and linoleum worktop options.

Naturally a larger worktop allows you to spread the work out more and have more space. But how big should it be? Anything that’s bigger than the reach of the worker is wasted space. The top of the bench should provide just enough space for the worker, and no more. This means that all tools are within arm’s length and won’t cause the worker to strain. If more space is required, the next point should be considered.

3. Various Add-ons and Storage Space

There must be accessories to do the job, including storage space, compartments, lights, screens, labels and access to electricity. Modern “hot workbenches” accommodate all of these features and more. If the top of the bench isn’t large enough to lay out all of the work tools then vertical storage can come into play. The back of the bench should have space to hang storage bins of different sizes, overhead lights and extra panels.

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